single-PANEL Card

The work horse of the sampling industry, single-panel swatch cards feature fabric attached to the top surface of a card. Swatch cards can provide a quick all-inclusive view of your line and come with a large assortment of layout options for a broad variety of materials including fabrics, leather, vinyl, wall coverings, wire, and paper. Textile shapes and edges can be presented in a variety of styles and the product information can be printed directly onto the card. The weight of the card is customizable based upon the card stock selected to best suit the fabric being presented. Swatch cards can vary in size from a small custom card series that is contained in a box, or the typical 8.5 x 11" panel, up to a larger, multi-fold array.


Window Card.jpg


Similar to the single-panel swatch card in presentation, the window card has samples affixed to a base layer sheet. A second "window" layer is then placed on top allowing for a greater sense of the fabric. Samples can be touched and held up to examine the weave and light transfer through the material. The edge presentation is dictated by the die-cut of the window on the top layer and the back side of the fabric swatch may be visible or covered. Product information is typically printed onto the window page. Window swatch cards can be produced as a single sheet or with multi-folds and panels in a range of sizes to suit your needs. 



Waterfall Card

Waterfall Cards provide a way for you to showcase a large number of swatches in one convenient place.  To create a Waterfall Card, samples of your fabric are surface mounted to a panel either flat or folded. Each sample partially overlaps the next to create a waterfall effect showing multiple colors and patterns and encouraging users to feel each fabric sample. Fabric edges can be presented as pinked or straight edge and mounted on a single or multi-layer card or within a folded brochure.