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Page Books

The traditional Sample Book or Pattern Book, our Page Books are an elegant showcase that can be made in a multitude of sizes to suit your requirements. Due to their permanent nature and durability, Sample Books are best suited for a line with greater longevity. Page Books feature swatches glued to heavier card stock allowing the user to see a full compliment of products. All elements of the book are customizable and can be a great tool for combining full textile lines in a cohesive and durable environment. 



Stack Books

Stack Books are individual samples that are positioned directly on top of one another and permanently bound together. The cover, edges and spine can be customized and Stack Books can be created in a large variety of shapes and sizes. The swatches can be arranged in a single uniform stack or compiled with a diverse assortment of sizes. Typically the edges are finished by pinking but they can be serged or straight as well. 


StackBook Front.jpg

Waterfall Books

A variation of the Stack Book, Waterfall Books offer a quick visual experience by displaying a greater range of samples up front. Samples are set so that they are partially covering the next to create a waterfall effect. The true benefit of this approach is that the view of multiple colors and textures at one time leads the client to identify their desired choices more expediently. Waterfall samples can be presented flat or folded with a variety of edging styles.